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We build a formula style race car and compete at the world's largest engineering competition series.

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"Formula SAE is the premier student design competition in the world."

Dr. Bob Woods

The idea is that there exists a hypothetical company that wants to mass-produce a race car for the consumer market.
Teams around the world design and showcase a prototype car that will be judged by industry professionals.

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Almost all major components of our vehicles are designed in-house! We're comprised of:

→ Vehicle Dynamics: Making the tires and suspension work!

→ Aerodynamics and Body: Everything with downforce, CFDs, carbon fiber!

→ Drivetrain: Gearbox, driveshafts, differentials!

→ Cockpit, Controls, Brakes, and Safety: Ensure the driver is safe and the ride is comfortable.

→ Accumulator: Batteries, battery management system!

→ Electronics and Data Acquisition: Everything with sensors and using the data to validate our designs!

→ Autonomous: Lidar, cameras, simulations!

→ Chassis: Making the structure to hold the entire vehicle together!


Almost all of our parts, components and molds are manufactured in-house! We're involved with:

→ Welding

→ Composite Manufacturing

→ 3D Printing

→ Water jetting

→ Laser cutting

→ Machining

→ Wiring


Once our car is fully built the last step is to see how it performs! We compete against other top universities across North America at Formula SAE and globally.

We see how our design and build of the car shapes up to judges perspectives and on the track against others.

University of Alberta Formula Racing has been designing and building race cars for over 30 years now with the goal to win Formula SAE.

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