Your opportunity to grow has never been so large.

We build a race car and compete at the world's largest engineering competition series.

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Founded in 1998,
University of Alberta Formula Racing
is the university's premier racing team.

Not your everyday
sports car.

Super-car standards.
A brand new look.
Now with downforce.


3.5 sec


417 lb


50.2 hp

Top Speed

>120 kmph

The Unveiling of UA-20

3.5 sec


417 lb


50.2 hp

Top Speed

>120 kmph

Not your everyday
sports car.

Super-car standards.
More than 500km of testing.
2020 season, we're ready for you.

"Formula SAE is the premier student design competition in the world."

Dr. Bob Woods

The idea is that there exists a hypothetical company that wants to mass-produce a race car for the consumer market.
Teams around the world design and showcase a prototype car that will be judged by industry professionals.

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"Being on the Formula SAE team has taught me how to fail fast - race car design promotes innovative design unlike anything else and when working under strict timelines, determining the value of a new idea quickly and efficiently is essential."

Lisa Long

Project Manager

"There's nothing better than building a race car from the ground up with your bare hands. Formula SAE allows you to see your own design come to fruition and gain valuable engineering experience, unobtainable in a classroom, all while developing long-lasting relationships."

Adam Tkalcic


"Formula SAE is in a league of it's own. This is the very definition of learning by doing!"

Sarthak Sheth

Vehicle Dynamics and Aerodynamics

"Formula SAE has given me the opportunity to leverage what I am learning in the classroom in a real-world, hands on situation. It has allowed me to step away from the books to help design and fabricate a race car, all while meeting new people and expanding my network!"

Zac Giroux


"Joining the Formula SAE team gives the opportunity for students to grow in ways they never thought possible. Time and time again, we surprise ourselves with what we are able to achieve and how we do it. This is more than just a group of students, its a family devoted to the development of each other."

Daniel Calista


Three Subteams.
One mission.

To win Formula SAE.


Almost all major components of our vehicles are designed in-house! We're comprised of:

  • → Vehicle Dynamics

  • → Aerodynamics and Body

  • → Powertrain and Drivetrain

  • → Cockpit, Controls, Brakes, and Safety

  • → Electronics and Data Acquisition

  • → Chassis


Almost all of our parts, components and molds are manufactured in-house! We're involved with:

  • → Welding

  • → Composite Manufacturing

  • → 3D Printing

  • → Water jetting

  • → Machining

  • → Lots of carbon fiber!


We've built a car, now it is time to close the deal with a manufacturing* company and mass produce it!
We deal with:

  • → integrating lessons learned in Finance, Accounting, Marketing and SMO.

  • → a prompt, to which we create a full business plan in all aspects of the organization and present this plan at competition.

*a hypothetical company!

Upcoming competitions.

In-person competitions have been cancelled due to COVID-19.
We are now participating in the Virtual Formula SAE Competition.

Formula North.

Jukasa Motor Speedway.
Hagersville, Ontario.

27 May 2020

Virtual Formula SAE.

The Internet

11 June 2020

Formula California.

Auto Club Speedway.
Fontana, California.

17 June 2020

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psst: Industry Professionals are always on the look out to hire students involved with Formula SAE.

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