Support Us

High performance vehicles require significant budgets, and we are a student project that is completely funded by the generosity of our sponsors. By supporting our team, you can help give young professionals the experience of building a car from scratch and provide the means to implement the high performance systems that our team has worked so hard to design. Whether cash or in kind, any sponsorship goes a long way in helping our team chase success.

In kind sponsorships can include any of the following:

  • Parts
  • Materials
  • Machining or fabrication work
  • Tool donations
  • Technical expertise or advice
  • Use of specialized equipment

Cash sponsorship is extremely valued by the team, as it is used to cover essential expenses including:

  • Fabrication of vehicle sub-assemblies
    • Purchasing parts and raw materials to fabricate the 2019 car
  • Workshop overhead and equipment
    • Purchasing equipment and consumables to keep the shop running and in safe condition
  • Travel & competition costs
    • Costs to transport the car to each competition, as well as entry fees

We are extremely grateful to all of our sponsors as you are the reason that we are able to exist as an organization. Benefits for our sponsors include the display of your logo on our car and t-shirts, as well as social media shoutouts. We attend many public events, and have the opportunity to publicize our sponsors and thank them for their contributions.