Posted by UAlberta FSAE on June 27, 2017

Lincoln 2017 Day 2: Close Finish

It was a hectic day for us. Our day started early with tech inspection and unfortunately, we did not pass it. Next up, everyone on the team had to wear their black team polo shirts with dress pants and shoes for the design review. Despite the entire team looking sharp and ready, the judges took

Posted by UAlberta FSAE on June 27, 2017

Lincoln 2017 Day 1: Bumpy Start

The first day of competition started out hot and early! We woke up to the hotel breakfast and soon found ourselves departing outside to the airfield where the competition is held. It was 8:30 AM and about 32-degree Celsius outside. A long line has already formed when we got there as other teams also went

Posted by UAlberta FSAE on June 22, 2017

Lincoln 2017 Day 0: Road to Competition and TIREsome Troubles

With excitement for competition bubbling through our bodies, we as a team are hoping for a smoother go at competition this year in Lincoln Nebraska. The 2017 car was just unveiled last Thursday on June 15th at the DICE Engineering Building. You can read more about it here. The car’s initial design concepts started out

Posted by UAlberta FSAE on June 19, 2016

Lincoln 2016: Day 3

The team worked yet another long restless night in our hotel parking lot working on the car, the team arrived to competition ready to attempt our second technical inspection. Unfortunately we were unable to pass on our second round of inspections, although we still had time to try again and solve some minor errors on

Posted by UAlberta FSAE on June 17, 2016

Lincoln 2016: Day 2

The team was back at work during day two of our Lincoln 2016 competition! Our second day was both an exciting and emotional day, as the team covered a lot of ground over the course of the day at the competition. We spent the day tending to minor maintenance issues and working towards our technical