Posted by UAlberta FSAE on December 2, 2018

October 2018 Newsletter

Testing The month of September was full of testing at Castrol Raceway. Although we broke a few components, which is to be expected, we were able to gather valuable data to help guide us through the design of UA19. We will continue to go to Castrol Raceway testing this fall while weather permits. Every time

Posted by UAlberta FSAE on September 5, 2018

September 2018 Newsletter

Cage Clean On August 18th, the team got together with some of the other student groups to clean our work areas in preparation for the coming build year. The annual cage clean has always been a good opportunity for prospective students to see the car and talk to senior members of the team before the

Posted by UAlberta FSAE on August 7, 2018

Formula SAE Update

To: Sponsors, Family, and Friends of the University of Alberta FSAE Team        Thank you for your continued support of the FSAE team. All the support we get from the University, industry, friends, and family is what makes our team possible. Though this year’s core Formula team was slightly smaller and less experienced

Posted by UAlberta FSAE on June 27, 2017

Lincoln 2017 Day 4: Breaking Grounds

Early in Saturday morning, the team reattached the intake manifold together. The tech inspector came in and gave us the green light. We then rushed to get fuel for endurance. Endurance is the toughest event to successfully complete and we did not get the luxury of testing our car for this event. We were the

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Lincoln 2017 Day 3: Progress Made and Lost

The day started out cloudy and chilly which was very unusual but welcomed. Our car went through a quick inspection by the team before it was ready for the first static event of the day: the tilt test. This is where the car is tilted on a platform to 45 degrees and then 60 degrees.