"Formula SAEĀ is the premiere student design competition in the world"

-Dr. Bob Woods

Formula SAE/Formula Student is an international collegiate competition where interdisciplinary teams of students design and build single-seater, formula style racecars and compete against their peers in an engineering competition and on track races.

Formula SAE was founded in 1981 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) with the first competition in Austin, Texas. Since then, the series has expanded to include over 20 worldwide events. The two main North American competitions are FSAE Michigan and FSAE Lincoln, with both events managed by SAE International. Formula Student competitions are also held throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, India, and South America.


The competition was originally for combustion engine vehicles, but the competition has since expanded to include an Electric Vehicle (EV) class and a separate Formula Hybrid competition has also evolved. In recent years, the European Formula Student competitions have begun to include a Driverless Vehicle (DV) class in which cars must navigate the race tracks completely autonomously.

These competitions push the bounds of engineering student innovation and prepare students to graduate with a strong basis in technical automotive skills as well as problem solving, fabrication, and management skills.