March 2019 Newsletter

Fabrication and Design

In preparation for full welding, the chassis was cut out of the jig and engine mounts were tacked into place. This is a large step toward having a completed car, as it means final tabs are being installed and components are being completed.

Chassis Out of Jig

The car will be welded by Epic Metal Services the weekend of March 16/17, and the team is pushing hard to finalize jigging up any structural tabs.

Also, the Cost Report and Design Report deadline for our competitions is April 1, and the team will be working hard to complete the tasks. The Cost Report includes a complete Bill of Materials, including actual manufacturing and material costs. The Design Report includes a design summary of all major systems of the car, and includes a three view drawing of the car assembly.

Events and Sponsorships

We have completed the 2019 fuel cell, which was welded courtesy of Cory at SSS Motorsports. SSS Motorsports has been a long-time supporter of the team, and we are always impressed by their work.

2019 Fuel Cell

Also, we have added a new sponsor to the list,, who have graciously donated PLA filament to the team. The filament will be used to 3D print body molds, which is a cheaper and more time efficient alternative to the MDF wood molds used in the past.