February 2019 Newsletter

Fabrication and Design

The team mostly completed tacking our 2019 chassis over the month. We have now moved on to jigging up all of suspension tabs. Following suspension, the engine mounting brackets and tabs will be welded in. Tentatively, the chassis will be fully welded the first weekend of March. 

Chassis Tacked Togetheer

Also, further dyno testing has occurred to solidify the muffler design to pass noise test. At competition, our car must read less than 103 dBC at idle and 110 dBC at a pre-calculated rpm in order to pass technical inspection. Our most up to date dyno curve is below.

KTM 690 Dyno Curve

Events and Sponsorships

The team had a great time at the Shell Enhanced Learning Fund (SELF) Symposium. Our SELF funding is used to attend competition in Lincoln, Nebraska. We have secured another year of SELF funding for Lincoln 2019, and will represent the Shell brand on our UA-19 car.

FSAE Car at SELF Symposium

New to the sponsorship list this newsletter is Clan Machine and ASA Alloys. Clan was generous enough to fund some of our waterjet expenses. Thanks to their sponsorship, we got our suspension tabs and all components for our eccentric diff hangers waterjet cut. ASA gave us a steeply discounted rate on 7075 and 6061 aluminum for our hubs and uprights.