January 2019 Newsletter

Fabrication and Design

January is the start of the winter semester for many of the FSAE members, and we are excited to get back into the routine. Christmas break was slow, as many members spent time away from campus visiting family.

Many components were sent out for manufacturing before the Christmas break, and we are now receiving them. Notably, the pedal tray was milled by Epic Metal Services and custom engine fasteners have been manufactured by Control Flow Hydraulics.


We successfully completed the Critical Design Review (CDR) for the 2018/2019 car with the Mechanical Engineering department. For the team, this means we are in the final stages of design, and are ready to give 100% of our time to manufacturing the UA-19 car.

Also, as we finish up design, we are thinking forward to the design event at competition. To be used as an presentation aid, we 3D printed our FEA simulation results for the differential hanger using a Stratasys J750.


We have been working with Universe Machine to finalize manufacturing drawings for the front and rear uprights, two of our critical long lead machined components.

As we mentioned last month, Formula SAE is looking for a sponsor to provide waterjet services. Waterjet cutting is the first machining operation for many of our components on the car and would bring the team’s manufacturing costs down significantly.