December 2018 Newsletter

Fabrication and Design

Since our last newsletter, work has continued the chassis, which is currently about 2/3 of the way complete. The pedal tray, machined by Epic Metal Services, is on its way, and will help us accurately tack the front of our chassis together. The dimensional tolerances for the front end of the chassis are critical to the function of the pedal assembly.

Further, intake and exhaust dyno testing has continued, and the powertrain system is currently making 57.8 hp and 45.4 ft-lbs. The improvements to the sub-system with the implementation of a new engine (KTM Duke 690) are immense and will make UA-19 more competitive and more reliable.

Improvements to the differential mounting solution, learned from our testing sessions this fall, have been finalized, and we are currently arranging fabrication. The differential would slide out of the hangers, due to a lack of support in the axial direction, as seen below.


“The Cage”, our workshop on campus, will be busy with activity over the Christmas break, as the team pushes to stay on schedule. Many components are ready for manufacturing and will be sent out as soon as possible to local machine shops.

Currently, Formula SAE is looking for a sponsor to provide waterjet services. Waterjet cutting is the first machining operation for many of our components on the car and would bring the team’s manufacturing costs down significantly.

Events and Sponsorships

This month we gave a presentation to the employees of C-FER Technologies, an engineering research center in Edmonton primarily focusing on developing solutions for the oil and gas industry. C-FER has been a sponsor of the team for many years, and we appreciate their support.

Also, a few FSAE members stopped by MARL Technologies, another long-term sponsor of the team. MARL develops solutions to drilling/coring/sampling challenges encountered by the environmental, geothermal, and construction industries. We received a tour of their impressive fabrication facility, and are happy to announce that they will be sponsoring machining services for our UA-19 car!

We have secured multiple other sponsorships and are excited to work with these amazing organizations in the 2019 year. The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) has made a significant monetary contribution to the team, which will help us fund the fabrication of the car. We have partnered with United Gear, specialists in supporting transmission rebuilds for the mining industry in Western Canada, who are able to manufacture our 40 tooth 7075 drive sprocket. Zuken has sponsored the team a copy of their E3.series – Software which will help us document the electrical wiring harnesses better than ever before. Our team has been selected to receive funding through the Shell Enhanced Learning Fund (SELF), provided by Shell Canda, to attend the FSAE Lincoln competition. Finally, Protech Composites has donated 3k and 6k twill carbon fiber fabric, which will significantly reduce the cost to the team to fabricate our aerodynamic and body package.