October 2018 Newsletter


The month of September was full of testing at Castrol Raceway. Although we broke a few components, which is to be expected, we were able to gather valuable data to help guide us through the design of UA19.

We will continue to go to Castrol Raceway testing this fall while weather permits. Every time we take the car out for a testing session, we learn more for the next year’s design.



Formula attended many events in the month of September including: Engineering Orientation BBQ, Engineering Carnival, UofA Alumni Weekend, and the Engineering Garage Opening.  Attending events with our car gives us the opportunity to showcase our work to new students, alumni, sponsors, and members of the public.

Also, we hosted a Sponsorship Appreciation Night on September 24, and gave our sponsors a chance to see our car up close, and ask team members questions. We appreciate their continued support, and hope to visit many local sponsors with our car this semester.



As a demonstration at the Engineering Garage Opening weekend, we were fortunate to have our engine scanned by Rapid3D, on the UofA’s newly purchased laser scanner.

The 2019 Chassis has been sent to VR3 Engineering for review and we expect a chassis to be arriving within the month. This is the earliest the chassis has been sent out for fabrication in many years, and we hope the early start enables us to reach our goal of driving by spring.

Also, our suspension team has been working hard to finalize the 2019 steering, and suspension points and force paths using Lotus Shark.

Finally, powertrain design and validation had been progressing on our engine dynamometer, where we continue to test our KTM 690 engine.