November 2018 Newsletter


The team has been working hard on the design of UA19 throughout October and we held our first design review. These partial design reviews are a great way to get a handle on our progress so far and what items are still outstanding. This was also a great opportunity for junior members to learn about the other sub-systems. As we approach the Christmas break, we will be finalizing subsystem designs and holding a Critical Design Review (CDR) with the Faculty to secure funding.



Thanks to Castrol Raceway and the delay of snowy weather, we continued to test UA18 throughout October. At our last test session, we encountered issues with our turbo oil system, causing some damage to the compressor bearings. Before we were able to fix it, the snow flew. With cold weather and snow in the forecast, we may not be out on track again until the spring.

As the on-track testing comes to an end, the team has been reflecting on lessons learned and will try to incorporate them into the UA19 design.

In addition to on-track testing we have been running our new KTM 690 on the engine dynamometer to grow our understanding of the new platform and gather data to help us through UA19 design. Dyno testing will be the focus of the Powertrain team during the November break.



Fabrication of UA19 is staring earlier than ever this year! We received our CNC profiled chassis tubes from VR3 Engineering and just finished assembling the jigs. The frame is currently being welded and will be ready very soon.

As the chassis comes together, all other subsystems will be busy fabricating mounting tabs and brackets so we can send the chassis for final welding early.

We are still on schedule to be driving well in advance of competition but must work diligently to stay on top of things, especially as we get into a stressful time in the academic year, finals.


We have successfully registered for the Formula SAE Lincoln competition and are excited to return to Nebraska to compete against some of the top teams in the world in June 2019. After two weeks on the waiting list for Formula SAE North, we have finally received registration confirmation. The team is eager to compete at Formula SAE North 2019 as it marks the first official FSAE competition held in Canada. Attending Formula North will give us the chance to represent our Canadian sponsors in Canada for the first time at an official SAE event.