September 2018 Newsletter

Cage Clean
On August 18th, the team got together with some of the other student groups to clean our work areas in preparation for the coming build year. The annual cage clean has always been a good opportunity for prospective students to see the car and talk to senior members of the team before the school year starts. Also, the cage clean is good opportunity to touch base with the other student groups regarding their plans for the year.

Faculty of Engineering Safety Committee
We are excited to announce that an Engineering Student Project Safety Committee has been formed comprising of the student groups and individuals from the Faculty of Engineering. Maintaining safe work areas and safe work practices has always been a key value for the Formula SAE team, and we are looking forward to working with the University and other student groups to continually develop our safety culture.

We have also been selected to act as the liaison between the Engineering Faculty Safety Board and the Student Committee. Formalizing the Student Committee and holding a seat on the Faculty Safety Board will help us to continue our leadership role among the other engineering
student projects.

We are still in the conceptual phase for many of our systems, but it is exciting to see the great work our design team members are doing already. We aim to design the most reliable car the team has seen in many years by only making slight tweaks to systems that worked and focusing our efforts to
eliminate the problems that kept us from succeeding in the 2018 competition year. To achieve our goals, we have set aggressive timelines to ensure fabrication of major components is started or finished well before Christmas break. We have been taking advantage of a new software to the team called WBS Schedule Pro, a project planning and scheduling tool.

Competition Selection
This coming year we have selected to attend the Formula SAE Lincoln competition in Lincoln, Nebraska as well as Formula North in Barrie, Ontario. We have been attending the Lincoln competition every June since 2012. We are excited for the opportunity to compete on Canadian soil for the first time and are looking forward to attending the Barrie event. Event registration is coming up soon, so stay tuned to our social media feeds for confirmation of our registration!

New Parts in the Shop

We purchased our dash and data logger from AiM Sports, who graciously gave us a discount of 35%. Instead of custom making a data logger and dash, we have chosen to go with a plug and play solution so the Electrical Team can focus their efforts elsewhere on the car. We had everything working within 1 hour of opening the box!

The team found a 690R at a theft recovery auction, and we took a risk and bought it for a great price! The powertrain team will have the engine on the dyno within a week or two to determine if we will use it in the 2019 season, or if we will stay with the WR450 and develop the 690 for the 2020 season. All subsystems can accommodate the larger 690 without much redesign.