Lincoln 2017 Day 4: Breaking Grounds

Early in Saturday morning, the team reattached the intake manifold together. The tech inspector came in and gave us the green light. We then rushed to get fuel for endurance.

Endurance is the toughest event to successfully complete and we did not get the luxury of testing our car for this event. We were the first of the teams go on the track and we could only hope nothing goes wrong at this point. Due to some unsolved shifting problem from before, the driver was forced to use second gear throughout the entire track. The entire team watch anxiously as the driver took off.

The car moved in a slow pace the first lap and slowly picked up in speed every lap afterwards. Eventually, the checkered flag got waved. We erupted in cheers as the car and driver made it through the half way point. The car made its way to the pit stop to switch drivers. The enthusiasm within us was through the roof and soon it came down. The battery is not providing enough juice to turn the motor back up. One failed start-up after another and the dreaded fear came true. Not being able to restart the car engine after a hot engine run means we’re out of endurance. We have been marked as DNF (Did Not Finish).

Despite not being able to finish endurance, we were still proud of what we were able to accomplish. This year, the team has made further progress in competition than the last 3 year’s attempt. We definitely deserved a pad ourselves in the back. Our trailer got packed early and we watched the remaining team compete. Next thing we know, it was the awards and closing ceremonies. We took our team picture, had team dinner, and mingled with other teams in our hotel before the long trip back the next day.

Now is the calm before the storm for next year’s competition where we plan to go even further than this year! Can’t wait for 2018!