Lincoln 2017 Day 3: Progress Made and Lost

The day started out cloudy and chilly which was very unusual but welcomed. Our car went through a quick inspection by the team before it was ready for the first static event of the day: the tilt test. This is where the car is tilted on a platform to 45 degrees and then 60 degrees. It is done with the team’s tallest driver in the car. It is supposed to simulate the centrifugal force the car would go through when cornering. When the car is tilted, it is checked for leaks and if the car will slide or tip on the platform. We passed the tilt test with no problem at all.

Next up was the noise test. The car’s loudness must be below 103 dBC while idling and be below 110 dBC at other rev ranges. Passed that with ease as well.

The next event was brake test. It is to let the judge know that the car can lock up all four wheels and stop at a straight line acceleration. This is where things took a slight turn. Our driver accidentally did the brake test without the judge’s go. On top of that, packings inside the exhaust came shooting out. The judge was not pleased at all and removed our noise test sticker on the car. We had to redo the noise test now…

The team quickly tore apart the exhaust and stuffed back in the packings. We decided to put two layers of wire mesh inside and outside the exhaust port to prevent the packing from coming out again. Then we went back to noise test and passed. Went back brake test and…we passed! We as a team have now made it further in competition than we did last year.

Our celebration was short as we quickly rushed to the autocross event area. Things fell backward again from there. Not only did the engine kept stalling on us at the line for autocross but a piece of the intake manifold broke off too. Not only did we have to skip out on acceleration, skid pad, and autocross, we had to fix our intake manifold and get it re-inspected.

We disassembled the intake manifold from the car and took it back to our hotel for repair. We spend the night attaching the two pieces together using fibreglass and resin.