Lincoln 2017 Day 2: Close Finish

It was a hectic day for us. Our day started early with tech inspection and unfortunately, we did not pass it. Next up, everyone on the team had to wear their black team polo shirts with dress pants and shoes for the design review. Despite the entire team looking sharp and ready, the judges took a beating on our design. Very hard and unexpected questions were asked of us.

Later on, it was time for a second go at tech inspection. Everything passed except for the battery. It was not deemed safe enough by the judges. At this point, there is a high probability that we will not pass tech inspections today. This is a major blow to us as a team. It would mean we will for sure miss the acceleration event.

We weren’t able to fix the battery right away because we had to go to cost report and audit our car right after our second tech inspection. Somehow though, we were able to squeeze in for one of the last tech inspection of the day. This is our third attempt…and we passed! Hurray! Talk about a close call! From there, the car was able to get fueled. This gave a huge boost to the team’s morale by the end of the day. It’s because there is now a very high likelihood that we can move on to the static and dynamic events for tomorrow.

The day ended with us all the team and cars gathered for a giant panorama photo.