Lincoln 2017 Day 0: Road to Competition and TIREsome Troubles

With excitement for competition bubbling through our bodies, we as a team are hoping for a smoother go at competition this year in Lincoln Nebraska. The 2017 car was just unveiled last Thursday on June 15th at the DICE Engineering Building. You can read more about it here. The car’s initial design concepts started out as early as just a few weeks after last year’s competition and thousands of hours of hard work have been put into this car since then.

After unveiling, we started packing everything we think we will and might need the following weekend. During this time, we encountered a problem with our lithium ion battery not holding enough charge to start the car. Great…

Everything was packed up by around noon of Monday on the 19th and we started the long journey to Lincoln. The expected time of travel by road was around 25 hours. However, an unexpected and unfortunate event happened to us, not once, not twice, but three times! The tires on the trailer containing our car blew apart on three separate occasions during our trip to Lincoln. We even had to buy new spares halfway through in order to change the tires that many times in one trip.

We arrived at our hotel 3 hours behind schedule due to the tire issues. We rolled in around 9PM local time just as the sun was starting to go down. After a slow check-in, we were able to get started tweaking our car. By midnight, everyone was still hard at work; either on the car itself or on administrative work for the competition starting the following day. Even through these longs nights at work the excitement for competition still shines through the team.