Lincoln 2016: Day 2

The team was back at work during day two of our Lincoln 2016 competition! Our second day was both an exciting and emotional day, as the team covered a lot of ground over the course of the day at the competition.

We spent the day tending to minor maintenance issues and working towards our technical inspection at the end of the day. The body panels and side pods were fitted and mounted, while the firewall, racing harness, and seat were set into place. The team was finally able to set up and adjust the carbon fiber front and rear custom aero just in time for our cost report. The cost report went well, although we were required to do an audit which we passed with no demerits!

With the car set up, the team set off to design report to present to the judges our reasoning behind the design of our 2016 Formula car. The design report was later followed by our business case, which went very well thanks to our VP External Jodi!

Finally, we managed to make it into technical inspection before it closed for the day. We did not make the requirements for today, though the issues are very minor and we are all very hopeful that tomorrow we will be able to pass through the morning inspection with ease!

We are looking forward to the rest of our journey here at the 2016 Lincoln Formula SAE competition! Make sure to stay tuned to the latest updates of our time here at competition!