Lincoln 2016: Day 1

After our very long 25 plus hour journey, we have arrived to Lincoln Nebraska for our 2016 Formula SAE competition!

The team spent the remainder of our day before competition preparing the suspension, body panels, and engine for our tech inspection the next day. We worked long through the night fabricating spacers for our suspension bits and tuning the WR450 engine. This strong effort by our team allowed for ourselves to make up some time and prepare ourselves for the nextday.

The following day we arrived in the Lincoln Airport ready to continue work on our Formula car in order to make an attempt. We got the all clear from the saftey inspection and moved into thenlong wait for our vehicles tech inspection. The team continued tirelessly throughout the blazing 38 degree weather and pushed on for the remainder of the day. Body panels were preped and the side pods were mounted on our vehicle. Minor fixes and adjustments were tended to throughout the day while the engine continued to be worked on and tuned.

Unfortunatly we were unable to make our tech inspection for today. Though we remain hopefull that our efforts will pay off tomorrow as we take another shot at the tech inspection.

We look forward to sharing more of our journey throughout the week. Make sure to stay tuned for more updated about our adventures here during competition at Lincoln Nebraska!