Lincoln 2015: Day 2

Day 2 at competition started with us heading in for re-tech to address the issues raised yesterday, as well as the business presentation. Our presentation, unusually, was done by a first year on the team. Excellent experience was gained surrounding the presentation, and we look forward carrying that knowledge forward. Meanwhile, the tech judges approved of our remedies, and with that we had officially passed the technical inspection. We also hit the scales for our official weigh-in: 410 pounds, 49.9% left, and 50.8% front. While a little heavier than we had planned to be, we’re still proud of that number.

As we were about to wheel out of the tech building, however, there was an emergency weather advisory due to lightning and heavy rain, and everyone on site had to rush indoors. The “indoors” everyone rushed to was in fact the tech building we were now stranded in! The total rain delay was approximately 2 hours, time which many students took as a chance to catch up on some z’s.


After the rain delay was lifted, we prepared for the dynamic tech events, but before we could complete any of them we had our design judging event. The team did an excellent job explaining the car’s design to industry professionals. With cost event starting 90 minutes after design, we had a small window to complete some static tech. First up was tilt table:


We passed with flying colours and headed over to noise. We had a… small issue to attend to before being able to complete noise, but the fix would take too long to do on the spot, so we decided to head back to the paddock and get ready for the cost event. Cost was handled very well by our team, so well in fact that the questioning period was alarmingly short; there was just so little wrong with our report that there wasn’t much to talk about! We were even one of the “lucky” teams to be audited, to make sure we didn’t purposefully omit items in hopes of making our cost report cleaner and shorter. No deeper problems were found with our report, as we knew would be the case.

After cost, we headed back over to noise for another crack at it. While the initial issues were fixed, we still came in over the sound limit. The noise level has been proving difficult for many teams to pass with the rule change implemented by SAE this year, and we can now count ourselves among that group. We went back to the paddock and worked out a couple methods to make the car quieter and are ready to go as soon as noise opens tomorrow morning to have another crack at it.

Up for tomorrow is Acceleration and Skid Pad in the morning, followed by AutoX in the afternoon. We hope to have a full collection of stickers quickly tomorrow so that we can put down our best times in these events.

Also, a hearty congratulations to Western University, the only Canadian team selected for design finals this year. Best of luck to them representing our home and native land!