Welcome to the University of Alberta Formula SAE team! We are an interdisciplinary team of students that designs and builds a single seater, formula style racecar to compete in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Formula SAE Collegiate Design Competition. Our team is entirely student run and operated, and we provide a unique and enriching environment for students to develop vital real-world skills which better equip graduates for the professional world.

What Do We Do?

Formula SAE/Formula Student: Design; Build; Compete

Being part of an FSAE team provides a tremendous opportunity for students to:

  • Experience working on a multidisciplinary team similar to project teams in the professional world.
  • Apply technical knowledge far above the classroom level to a real world design problem.
  • Gain hands on experience building their own designs and an understanding of the challenges of moving from a design in an idealized Computer Aided Design (CAD) model to functioning final product in the real world.
  • Compete in high intensity, international competitions that are the highlight of our members' undergraduate careers.
  • Learn manufacturing and fabrication techniques from basic assembly skills to advanced machining.


Design Team

The design team is responsible for designing all components on the car and ensuring that all systems are integrated in a cohesive manner that meets the team’s overall goals. The design team is composed of 5 subsystem teams:

  • Frame, body, and aerodynamics
  • Suspension
  • Powertrain
  • Cockpit, controls, brakes, and safety
  • Electronics

Fabrication Team

The fabrication team is responsible for the building of the car. It is composed of design team members who oversee the manufacturing of the systems and components that they designed, as well as general fabrication members.

Business Team

The business team is responsible for managing the team’s finances and sponsorships and includes our social media team.



Our team has competed in the Formula SAE Lincoln competition in Lincoln, Nebraska each June. In the 2019 season, we also plan to attend Formula North in Barrie, Ontario.

While at competition, teams are judged in several categories which are organized into Static and Dynamic events. Static events include Design, Cost, and Business case presentations where industry experts scrutinize every aspect of the car.  Dynamic events include Acceleration, Autocross, Skid Pad, Endurance, and Fuel Economy where the car's performance is tested on the track.